Dezlin Silver Plated Pendant Bombs
Dezlin Silver Plated Pendant Bombs

Dezlin Silver Plated Pendant Bombs

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DezLin Silver Plated Pendant Bomb can be ordered with or without an 18-24″ Rhodium Plated Chain Necklace Fizzers are specially formulated to fizz up within seconds. Spend less time waiting for the rings to appear and more time doing what you like


One Silver Plated Pendant (possible Freshwater Grade AAA pearl mounted version) with an 18-24″ Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

All Pearl Pendant Mounts come with the Pearl pre-mounted

NOTE: some pendant styles we have discovered are stamped .925, but are still only silver plated. Please know and understand this prior to purchasing. Message us if you would like to know more 🙂

The chain will be sent separately and is not inside the bomb with the pendant

There are 25+ varying styles. Please check photos for available styles. We are unable to send specific styles as they are all mysterious to us

Each DezLin Bomb is handmade in the USA

These are not designed to take a bath with. The ingredients are all-natural and safe for the drain.


With DezLin we love bringing that special WOW MOMENT to your show and audience. We always hide and place special surprises throughout all our product lines and DezLin Earring Bombs are no different

You have the chance of opening up Bombs with:

  • Multiple Pendants inside
  • additional pearls hidden
  • surprise stashes of gems
  • a ring with a special rolled up note to win Diamond Jewelry
  • and more…what fun would it be if we told you everything


  • .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating
  • 25+ styles and growing with a wide variety of colors
  • Added Surprises in random bombs
  • Scented with essential oils
  • Handmade in USA
  • Dissolves quickly…not in minutes
  • Fast Shipping
  • #1 Customer Service. Responses typically within minutes
  • Trusted Brand Name

These are Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver. Rhodium is more precious and expensive than Sterling with several added advantages

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Tarnish proof
  • Makes the Jewelry stronger
  • Great for anyone with Silver allergies
  • Learn more. Scroll down to the Rhodium Description

Rhodium Plating is used to hide imperfections and adds a higher sheen value to the silver. Rhodium is also stronger than either silver and gold and creates a protective coat which shields the jewelry from scratches. One of Rhodium’s greatest advantages is it does not tarnish and requires no procedural cleaning rituals. Rhodium plating is perfect for anyone allergic to silver, as it protects from direct contact.